Senior year

this is my last year at Dickson. i have been here my whole life. i honestly wouldn’t want to go to any other school because of how close i have gotten to some of my friends and how i have been here my whole life of being in school

this saturday we have a senior trip. we’ve already had one, to medieval times. i didn’t get to go. this senior trip is to six flags. for me this will be my first time going. i have been to frontier city twice and to white water bay once. i am excited to go because i want to try to ride all of the rides, or at least most of them.

so far senior year has been pretty good so far. i did have drama started around the beginning of senior year but its no longer going on. i had to take most of the classes other seniors don’t have because of me failing classes i took before. i did get into choir but they had to take me out and put me into alternative ed so i can catch up on my grades i failed before. its going good so far and i’m enjoying my senior year.

its sad to think that this is my last year in school. i am very excited to see where the next chapter in my life takes me.


My best friend Travis Cowling

for this blog i will be writing about a friend that i had best last year. I had met him on a app called YouNow.

Last year, on February 1st, i had got a app called YouNow. This is a app where you can broadcast. Its a little like Youtube, but while they are doing the broadcast, you are watching them as they are doing it, and you can comment. When i first got the app i was looking for some famous person i believe, but i couldn’t find them so i got on the the category #Guys, and that’s when i found Travis cowling.

when i first started watching him, i had just thought he was cute and seem really cool. Travis is from Michigan. he’s about to turn 19 on March 12th. i didn’t think that i would end up watching him all the time when he was broadcasting. Throughout the time of knowing him, he has became like a brother to me.

little did i know that when i met him, he would end up meaning so much to me and be such a huge part of my life. Travis has helped me with a situation i was going through before i had met him. Ever since the day i met him, he’s always been there for me when i needed it. when i needed advice, when i needed someone to talk to, Travis was there for me. He helped me overcome the situation i was going through. i honestly had no clue what i would do, or where id be today if he wasn’t constantly there for me.

Plans after high school

For this blog i will be writing what i plan to do after i graduate high school.

After high school, i plan to go Murray State College in ardmore. i will do my basics and everything else there. i want to do elementary education because i love being able to work with little kids.

The past weekend i finally got my acceptance letter. I have to go talk to someone about getting financial add to be able and help pay for my pay to college. i originally wanted to do my basics at murray then go to Southeastern, but i decided to just do everything through Murray because I don’t have a car yet, and im not sure if my mom could drive me up there.

my friend Kamie is also going to Murray, so i may try to move in with her and her boyfriend.  i am not 100% sure that i’m moving in with her yet, because i don’t have a job yet and i wouldn’t be able to help her and her boyfriend with all of the cost of everything you have to pay for. i may stay at home for a little while until i get a job and can help with the cost.

My great aunt

in this blog im going to write about my great aunt Denise Elaine Tunnel, but we all call here Elaine. She was like a 2nd mom to me more than a great aunt.

On March 1st 2013, Elaine passed away while she was in the hospital. She had smoke alot, which one reason why she passed away. she is the reason i do not like smoking, because i had to see what it did to her and what was coming out of the tubes at the hospital. i didnt get to see her much while she was in the hospital.

i wish that i could have spent more time with her when she was still here. Me and my brother when we were younger we went to go stay the night at her house with her 3 kids. There are so many memories that im glad i was able to make.

One of the memories that i remember was me, my brother and Elaine’s two sons went to the store near her house and i remember getting the gum hubba bubba because it was my favorite gum at the time. i also remember doing fireworks near the rail road tracks. i do which she was still here, but know she is in a good place.

my best friend/sister Kamie

today i’m going to write about my best friend Kamie Braxton. I believe i met Kamie in middle school.

me and Kamie have been friends for a long time and i’m really thankful that she is in my life. She has been there for me through so much stuff that i’ve been through, from having drama started this year, having to deal with my brother being in prison, from losing my great aunt, just about anything.

me and kamie weren’t friends one time i believe in 9th or 10th grade, i cant remember which year it was, but we weren’t friends because of drama that got started where someone started the rumor that i had been talking bad about her dad who had passed away. for me it hurt that someone started that because im not the kind of person to talk bad about anything. me and Kams, that’s the nickname that i call her, became close last year and this year.

i am very thankful that we became close because our friendship is so much stronger now. i honestly have no clue what i would do or where i would be if she wasn’t always there for me. Kamie is one of the very few people i can trust with anything that i talk to her about. i can ask her for any kind of advice that i need. she has became like a sister to me through these past few years. i’m very thankful for our friendship.

Leap Year

i got asked if i could do anything leap year, i would like to go on a vacation. i would like to go to Bora Bora. i honestly think its such a beautiful place to go to.

if i could i would get how ever much money i would need and be able to do what i would like. i would take two of my friends so that way we can have a vacation together. i have seen a tons of pictures from the internet and it is so beautiful place to visit. the time that i would want to go there would most likely be during the summer because it would be such a good temperature.

i also would like to go on a cruise. My friend kamie went on a cruise to cozmel and whenever  she was talking about it sounded like something that would be fun and adventures. another thing i would like to do if i could do anything would be buying my mom a new house and maybe make it where she wouldnt have to pay so much because of the cost of paying bills for the house and paying for other bills you have to pay for.