my best friend/sister Kamie

today i’m going to write about my best friend Kamie Braxton. I believe i met Kamie in middle school.

me and Kamie have been friends for a long time and i’m really thankful that she is in my life. She has been there for me through so much stuff that i’ve been through, from having drama started this year, having to deal with my brother being in prison, from losing my great aunt, just about anything.

me and kamie weren’t friends one time i believe in 9th or 10th grade, i cant remember which year it was, but we weren’t friends because of drama that got started where someone started the rumor that i had been talking bad about her dad who had passed away. for me it hurt that someone started that because im not the kind of person to talk bad about anything. me and Kams, that’s the nickname that i call her, became close last year and this year.

i am very thankful that we became close because our friendship is so much stronger now. i honestly have no clue what i would do or where i would be if she wasn’t always there for me. Kamie is one of the very few people i can trust with anything that i talk to her about. i can ask her for any kind of advice that i need. she has became like a sister to me through these past few years. i’m very thankful for our friendship.


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