Plans after high school

For this blog i will be writing what i plan to do after i graduate high school.

After high school, i plan to go Murray State College in ardmore. i will do my basics and everything else there. i want to do elementary education because i love being able to work with little kids.

The past weekend i finally got my acceptance letter. I have to go talk to someone about getting financial add to be able and help pay for my pay to college. i originally wanted to do my basics at murray then go to Southeastern, but i decided to just do everything through Murray because I don’t have a car yet, and im not sure if my mom could drive me up there.

my friend Kamie is also going to Murray, so i may try to move in with her and her boyfriend.  i am not 100% sure that i’m moving in with her yet, because i don’t have a job yet and i wouldn’t be able to help her and her boyfriend with all of the cost of everything you have to pay for. i may stay at home for a little while until i get a job and can help with the cost.


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