My best friend Travis Cowling

for this blog i will be writing about a friend that i had best last year. I had met him on a app called YouNow.

Last year, on February 1st, i had got a app called YouNow. This is a app where you can broadcast. Its a little like Youtube, but while they are doing the broadcast, you are watching them as they are doing it, and you can comment. When i first got the app i was looking for some famous person i believe, but i couldn’t find them so i got on the the category #Guys, and that’s when i found Travis cowling.

when i first started watching him, i had just thought he was cute and seem really cool. Travis is from Michigan. he’s about to turn 19 on March 12th. i didn’t think that i would end up watching him all the time when he was broadcasting. Throughout the time of knowing him, he has became like a brother to me.

little did i know that when i met him, he would end up meaning so much to me and be such a huge part of my life. Travis has helped me with a situation i was going through before i had met him. Ever since the day i met him, he’s always been there for me when i needed it. when i needed advice, when i needed someone to talk to, Travis was there for me. He helped me overcome the situation i was going through. i honestly had no clue what i would do, or where id be today if he wasn’t constantly there for me.


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