Senior year

this is my last year at Dickson. i have been here my whole life. i honestly wouldn’t want to go to any other school because of how close i have gotten to some of my friends and how i have been here my whole life of being in school

this saturday we have a senior trip. we’ve already had one, to medieval times. i didn’t get to go. this senior trip is to six flags. for me this will be my first time going. i have been to frontier city twice and to white water bay once. i am excited to go because i want to try to ride all of the rides, or at least most of them.

so far senior year has been pretty good so far. i did have drama started around the beginning of senior year but its no longer going on. i had to take most of the classes other seniors don’t have because of me failing classes i took before. i did get into choir but they had to take me out and put me into alternative ed so i can catch up on my grades i failed before. its going good so far and i’m enjoying my senior year.

its sad to think that this is my last year in school. i am very excited to see where the next chapter in my life takes me.


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