Love Story, Continued

After the Prince Jacob proposed to the towns girl Allison, and newly fiance went to celebrate at the finest restaurant in the town with all of Allison’s family and Jacob’s family. Jacob’s family was so sweet that they had payed for the diner. they spent a little while at the restaurant then went for a carriage right through town.

Allison and Jacob planned the wedding for the middle of may the following year. they wanted to have the wedding on a farm where they could have all of their family and  friends there. Both of them didn’t want to have a huge wedding, they just wanted to have a simple but beautiful one. the couple were very happy together. they wanted to have a family one day but they knew they wanted to wait until after they got married.

it came to the day of the wedding. it was a beautiful day, perfect weather for it also. Allison had a long and absolutely beautiful white wedding dress, and her bridesmaids had pink short dresses. Jacob had a black suit. the way the wedding w3as set up was beautiful. Allison and Jacob were both ready to be married. few hours later they finally got married. after a few years of them being married they had two kids, a boy and a girl.


A Love story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Allison. she  lived in a small town with her mom, dad, and 3 sisters. she was was always told love stories by her mom and she had always dreamed of having a fairytale love story when she got older. she had always been very shy when it came to talking to people, that’s why she would stay in her room reading more books that her mom had got her.

one day she had to go to the town and get some things for her family. she had went to a couple stores then she was finally at her last store. as she was walking out of the store some rude towns person ran into her and knocked her groceries out of her hands. the guy didn’t even stop to help her out. he just kept running.

one of the really sweet guys stopped to help her out and pick up her groceries. he turned out to be the prince of that town. His name was Jacob. Allison never thought that someone like the prince would talk to someone like her. he offered to give her a ride to her house since she had lived a little ways away from the town. she let him give her the ride. after a few days they started to hang out then dated for few years the one day he had proposed to her and of course she said yes.

My Cousins birthday Party

On Sunday we went to my aunts house for my cousins 2nd birthday party. We were going to have the party at the park but because of how the weather was went just had it at my aunts house.

the party was going to have a lot of people there but since it had rained not very many people came just a few family members came and one of my aunts friend came with her kids. the party didn’t really start till 2 or so but me and my mom got there early that way we could help my aunt with anything she needed. like decorating, doing the food and other stuff.

the theme of London’s birthday party was minions like most of the time. we had a smash cake for him and cupcakes for everyone else. then there was pizza from little caesars. my aunt also has another kid which is her daughter. its  always good to be able to seem them and hang out with them. it seems like just the other day they were  born now they are growing up so fast. we had a pinata at the party and for watching the little kids try to hit at it was hilarious

Senior Year so far

So far senior year has been good. i have had a little trouble with keeping my grades up and also focusing on everything but other than that i have been doing pretty good. at the beginging of the year they had put my in spanish, stage crafts, goverment, a catch up class, biology 2, english then math.

close to the end of the year, they put me into choir, which took me out of class that i had for catching up on my near the end of the school year they took be out of spanish, stage crafts, choir and my other classes except enlgish, biology and algebra 2 and they had put me into alternitive ed for first hour to fourth hour.

i am glad that they had put me into that class because it helps me pass all of my previous classes so i could get to graduate on time with every one else. I  just wish they didn’t start me near the end of the school year because i have to have a certain amount completed for me to be able to graduate. i think i will be able to finish before the end of the school year is over.

Getting a job

In this blog im going to write about getting a job

i havent had a job until this year. the reason i never got a job was because i was trying to focus on school that way i could be able to keep my grade. i had asked my mom before if i could get a job but she also wanted me to be focused on school and my grades because of how they have been in the past grades.

My mom let me get a job since she needed help paying for the bills that we had. I was going to get money to myself once me and my mom were good on Walmart. my grandma works at the one in gainsville. so she also knew it was a good job to have for the first time of me having  a job.

Walmart also pays a good amount. they start off at $9 an hour but they go up to $@10 an hour. when i had call for a job they first asked if i could do cashier and i said yes. i wasnt for sure if i would like having to work at a cashier because i had a feeling it would be hard but ive got told its not that bad like i had thought. right now i am working on the computer learning everything i would need to learn. after that i will start on the floor.

Favorite things & Nonfavorite Things

in this blog i thought i would write about my favorite things that i like to do.

One of the things i really love to do it singing. i was in choir for a few years but they took me out of it this year during close to the end if the year because i had to be put into alternative ed because i had to catch up on past classes that i had failed. i also love to dance.

other things that are my favorite thing to do are writing, listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with my family and friends. i also enjoy babysitting my baby cousins London and Alexis. i love watching kids because i love spending time with little kids because they are young and still not sure of whats going on.

there are things that i don’t like to do. for example i dont really like reading because i feel like it takes forever for me to read a book because i read slow. I dont really like being in large crowds because i get claustrophobic. i also dont like being in a huge crowd by myself because i get shy and start to get all quiet.

Meeting my best friend Travis

One of my very important goals that i want to be able to do is meet my friend Travis Cowling that i met on a App called YouNow.

I met Travis on Febuarary 1st, 2015. Over the year of knowing him he has became like a brother to me and he’s the very first guy friend that ive had that i can truly trust fully. Every time that i am going through something rough i always text him or call him to either ask for advice or vent to.

no matter what time of day it is, whether its early in the morning or in the middle of the night i know i can always go to him to talk to when i need someone to talk to. Meeting Travis would be very important to me because of how close we have become since i met him. One big reason that i want to meet him is because on this Sunday, April 10th, 2016, it will be one year of a situation that i had went through that i was able to overcome when i met him. Our friendship has became so close since the day that we met. I am hoping that sometime after i  finish college i will be able to afford to go to Michigan and meet him.