Prom. Last and First

for this bl0g i was told to write about prom. this Friday is when it will be. this will be my first and last prom for me to go to.

this year for my first and last prom i decided to go with a long dress. its a light blue sequined dress. i am thinking about doing my hair culry but half up and half down because to me it seems like that kind of style would look cute with the way my dress looks like.

on the day of prom, i have my nail appointment and eyebrows set at 10 then i have my hair and makeup at 2:15. im maybe thinking about doing something simple with my makeup because of the way my dress is but then i feel like i would want it to be all dolled up since it is my first and last prom.

friday was busy for me. when it finally came for prominade to start i walked with Kamie and her boyfriend Dustin that way i didnt have to walk by myself. prom went really good. i was moody for a little while because someone said something about me. i let it go and had a blast the rest of the night.


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