April Fools Prank

i’ve never done a april fools prank or had one played on me. in this blog i am going to write  about what i would do if i did a prank on someone.

one prank that i would maybe do would be fill somones room with balloons just for the one of it. i saw it on the internet and thought it would be something funny and simple to do. another prank that i would maybe do would be fill someones table or something they use a lot with sticky notes everywhere just so they had to take forever to take them off.

another prank i wouldn’t mind doing would be get a bull horn and put it behind someones door and set it up to when ever they open their door opens it hits the bull horn and scares them with the loud noises it makes. i thought of a prank i can do is tape a bunch of papers or maybe even pencils to someones desk just so they would have to take forever for them to take them off of his or hers desk.

i wouldnt mind if someone did a prank on me as long as its not to serious or something that i would get mad from them doing it.


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