If i was able to take a vacation one place would be to Hawaii. in this blog i am going to write about why i would want to go to hawaii

To me hawaii is such a beautiful place to go fro vacation. there are tons of things you can do in Hawaii. I would like to go hiking because of the scenery. It may be extremely hot while you are hiking but it would still be beautiful. If you love being around the ocean there is times you can get the chance to see humpback whales in Maui.

If you don’t mind seeing volcanoes there is a park where you can watch and be around them. if you just want to get away from everythinng and be alone in a beautiful place, you can go to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.One thing i would defiantly love to do in Hawaii is learn how to surf. This is something i would absolutely love to learn how to do.

i have a family member use to live in hawaii and they would always tell me about how beautiful it is and how peaceful it would be to live there or even just visit for a vacation.


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