Meeting my best friend Travis

One of my very important goals that i want to be able to do is meet my friend Travis Cowling that i met on a App called YouNow.

I met Travis on Febuarary 1st, 2015. Over the year of knowing him he has became like a brother to me and he’s the very first guy friend that ive had that i can truly trust fully. Every time that i am going through something rough i always text him or call him to either ask for advice or vent to.

no matter what time of day it is, whether its early in the morning or in the middle of the night i know i can always go to him to talk to when i need someone to talk to. Meeting Travis would be very important to me because of how close we have become since i met him. One big reason that i want to meet him is because on this Sunday, April 10th, 2016, it will be one year of a situation that i had went through that i was able to overcome when i met him. Our friendship has became so close since the day that we met. I am hoping that sometime after i  finish college i will be able to afford to go to Michigan and meet him.


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