Favorite things & Nonfavorite Things

in this blog i thought i would write about my favorite things that i like to do.

One of the things i really love to do it singing. i was in choir for a few years but they took me out of it this year during close to the end if the year because i had to be put into alternative ed because i had to catch up on past classes that i had failed. i also love to dance.

other things that are my favorite thing to do are writing, listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with my family and friends. i also enjoy babysitting my baby cousins London and Alexis. i love watching kids because i love spending time with little kids because they are young and still not sure of whats going on.

there are things that i don’t like to do. for example i dont really like reading because i feel like it takes forever for me to read a book because i read slow. I dont really like being in large crowds because i get claustrophobic. i also dont like being in a huge crowd by myself because i get shy and start to get all quiet.


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