Getting a job

In this blog im going to write about getting a job

i havent had a job until this year. the reason i never got a job was because i was trying to focus on school that way i could be able to keep my grade. i had asked my mom before if i could get a job but she also wanted me to be focused on school and my grades because of how they have been in the past grades.

My mom let me get a job since she needed help paying for the bills that we had. I was going to get money to myself once me and my mom were good on Walmart. my grandma works at the one in gainsville. so she also knew it was a good job to have for the first time of me having  a job.

Walmart also pays a good amount. they start off at $9 an hour but they go up to $@10 an hour. when i had call for a job they first asked if i could do cashier and i said yes. i wasnt for sure if i would like having to work at a cashier because i had a feeling it would be hard but ive got told its not that bad like i had thought. right now i am working on the computer learning everything i would need to learn. after that i will start on the floor.


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