My Cousins birthday Party

On Sunday we went to my aunts house for my cousins 2nd birthday party. We were going to have the party at the park but because of how the weather was went just had it at my aunts house.

the party was going to have a lot of people there but since it had rained not very many people came just a few family members came and one of my aunts friend came with her kids. the party didn’t really start till 2 or so but me and my mom got there early that way we could help my aunt with anything she needed. like decorating, doing the food and other stuff.

the theme of London’s birthday party was minions like most of the time. we had a smash cake for him and cupcakes for everyone else. then there was pizza from little caesars. my aunt also has another kid which is her daughter. its  always good to be able to seem them and hang out with them. it seems like just the other day they were  born now they are growing up so fast. we had a pinata at the party and for watching the little kids try to hit at it was hilarious


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