A Love story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Allison. she  lived in a small town with her mom, dad, and 3 sisters. she was was always told love stories by her mom and she had always dreamed of having a fairytale love story when she got older. she had always been very shy when it came to talking to people, that’s why she would stay in her room reading more books that her mom had got her.

one day she had to go to the town and get some things for her family. she had went to a couple stores then she was finally at her last store. as she was walking out of the store some rude towns person ran into her and knocked her groceries out of her hands. the guy didn’t even stop to help her out. he just kept running.

one of the really sweet guys stopped to help her out and pick up her groceries. he turned out to be the prince of that town. His name was Jacob. Allison never thought that someone like the prince would talk to someone like her. he offered to give her a ride to her house since she had lived a little ways away from the town. she let him give her the ride. after a few days they started to hang out then dated for few years the one day he had proposed to her and of course she said yes.


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