Love Story, Continued

After the Prince Jacob proposed to the towns girl Allison, and newly fiance went to celebrate at the finest restaurant in the town with all of Allison’s family and Jacob’s family. Jacob’s family was so sweet that they had payed for the diner. they spent a little while at the restaurant then went for a carriage right through town.

Allison and Jacob planned the wedding for the middle of may the following year. they wanted to have the wedding on a farm where they could have all of their family and ¬†friends there. Both of them didn’t want to have a huge wedding, they just wanted to have a simple but beautiful one. the couple were very happy together. they wanted to have a family one day but they knew they wanted to wait until after they got married.

it came to the day of the wedding. it was a beautiful day, perfect weather for it also. Allison had a long and absolutely beautiful white wedding dress, and her bridesmaids had pink short dresses. Jacob had a black suit. the way the wedding w3as set up was beautiful. Allison and Jacob were both ready to be married. few hours later they finally got married. after a few years of them being married they had two kids, a boy and a girl.


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