Falls creek

this is my last year that i will be able to get the chance to go to falls creek with my youth group this summer. i am a little sad that i wont be able to go as a student but i could go as a sponsor. i dont know for sure if i’ll be able to go though because i now have a job and not fore sure if i am going to get to take off for a week since i just started. i do hope that i get the chance to go again sometime because it will not only be m,y third time but i have always had fun going and i’ve always loved learning more about God. i and going to miss going to the tabernacle and miss doing all of the activities that they had.



this is my very last year that i will be able to be in FCA. i am sad that i have to leave because i’ve really enjoyed being in FCA throughout my years of being in high school and i’ve loved being apart of such a great group that our school has.Last friday was our last FCA and it was sad to think that its my last one. i am glad that i was able to be apart of FCA in high school. i will definitely miss doing see you at the pole, saw you at the pole, and all of the other activities that we were able to do. i’ve enjoyed in FCA a lot these school years.

senior dinner

tomorrow is the senior dinner. this is going to be my first time going because of not only me being a senior but also because i never got invited the past years that they have done it. i am excited for it but not sure if i will be getting any awards or not. i do hope that do get one so that way i can have something to look back at when i get older and sday i got this from my senior dinner. i will be going by myself because my moms not going but i will be sitting with my best friend kamie and her nana and they should be taking me home when ever its over.

graduation soon

graduation is coming up this friday on may 123th. its still crazy to think that i will be done with school in just a few days. i have had a lot of trouble through out my years in school. i have adhd which makes it where i have trouble with being able to concentrate and focus on my grades.ive always had trouble trying to keep my grades up to where they were passing. i know that i am smart enough to pass the classes i just have had trouble keeping them up and doing my work right. i am defiant ready to graduate to finally say that i am done with school and that i made it through all of it. i plan to take a break from going to school and then going to murry to become a elementry teacher. i may plan on changing my mind and going to do something else but for right now i plan to be an elementrey teacher at dickson since i grew up at dickson i thought it would be good to be a teacher here also.