graduation soon

graduation is coming up this friday on may 123th. its still crazy to think that i will be done with school in just a few days. i have had a lot of trouble through out my years in school. i have adhd which makes it where i have trouble with being able to concentrate and focus on my grades.ive always had trouble trying to keep my grades up to where they were passing. i know that i am smart enough to pass the classes i just have had trouble keeping them up and doing my work right. i am defiant ready to graduate to finally say that i am done with school and that i made it through all of it. i plan to take a break from going to school and then going to murry to become a elementry teacher. i may plan on changing my mind and going to do something else but for right now i plan to be an elementrey teacher at dickson since i grew up at dickson i thought it would be good to be a teacher here also.


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